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Who are Viva Europa?

Viva Europa was set up and registered with the Electoral Commission as a Political Party in February 2018. To be registered, all parties need to be set up with a Leader. Viva Europa was set up by Ed Thompson (current leader) and Sean Elliott.


Ed works as a Project Manager in Financial Services. Ed is just a regular middle-management bloke who has never even been a member of a political party before, let alone stand for public office. In hindsight, Ed wishes he had campaigned for Remain but has never been politically active. Brexit has changed all that.

Sean also works in Financial Services (in the same office as Ed). Sean has never stood for office and also didn’t campaign in the referendum (but dearly wishes he had).

Basically, Sean and Ed and two very ordinary, normal people who are deeply worried and angry at the direction the Tories are taking us over Brexit. They are also hugely frustrated by the impotence and lack of direction of Corbyn’s opposition to Brexit.


How is the Party funded? Who is financially backing Viva Europa?

There is currently no funding to speak of and there is no-one financially backing Viva Europa. It costs less than you might think to set up and register a Political Party and set up a website. Ed and Sean have funded this themselves. Ultimately, the aim is to get some crowd-funding from individuals (i.e. people like you). We are unlikely to accept support from any business.


Why the odd name? What does the party stand for?

Viva Europa just means ‘long live Europe’. We are hugely supportive of UK’s status inside the EU and wish the current status to continue. We simply wish to Remain in the EU. This party is not seeking to push for any further integration with the EU than currently exists. We are not seeking greater political integration, or to progress other initiatives such as the introduction of the Euro or for a pan-EU military force. Viva Europa is a single-issue party: it aims to democratically stop Brexit and wishes the UK to retain its current relationship and status as part of the EU.


Brexit will have such a huge impact on the UK that this single issue is not really a single issue. Brexit will damage all aspects of our society. The Government’s own figures show that all Brexit outcomes will have dreadful consequences for the economy; the NHS; unemployment police numbers; social services; the price of products and services – in short, Brexit will make us all poorer and we need to fight it.


Because of Labour’s supine support for the Tory’s Brexit, disingenuous politicians were able to claim that most people voting in the last the last General Election voted ‘Pro-Brexit’. This time we need the message to loud and crystal clear– a vote for Viva Europa is simply a protest vote against Brexit. There is not baggage associated with Viva Europa – it’s just a party created by ordinary people who want to make sure this simple message gets through to all our politicians: Brexit must be stopped. Ideally it should be stopped via a free-vote of our elected MPs - however Parliament may decide that a referendum on the terms of Brexit is required.


How can I help?

We are looking for people, ordinary people, to stand as Viva Europa candidates in the local elections in May. It doesn’t cost anything to stand and the aim is to get as many people standing as possible.

If you think you might be interested, please see this link.

If you are not able to stand but want to support the campaign, please contact the names that will be listed against every District. If there is no-one standing in your area, please follow us and retweet on Twitter and Facebook


Can I join Viva Europa?

General membership is not available yet - initially we need to keep admin to a minimum at the moment. Currently, only prospective candidates can join (at a cost of £4 a year).


The party aims to have representatives contesting as many council seats as possible. The party is looking to field candidates only in England and Wales. The Viva Europa message is clear: Brexit will be a disaster and needs to be stopped. A vote for a Viva Europa candidate carries one single, unambiguous message against Brexit. Brexit will make us all poorer in so many ways - this is a single-issue party where each vote is a protest vote against Brexit.


Why do we need Viva Europa?

This Tory-led Brexit is dragging the UK into financial, social and political disaster. The leaked impact assessments (prepared by Government officials) demonstrate there can be no good outcome. Soft Brexit might be the best of a bad bunch but even that would probably drag the UK into recession and result in tens of thousands of job losses. The Tories still have no idea what outcome they want and the EU show no sign of allowing the ‘cake and eat it’ deal that Theresa May and the arch-Brexiters fantasize over.


In normal circumstances, we would look the opposition to hold the Government to account. However, Jeremy Corbyn has shown no indication that he is willing to stop the helter-skelter ride to catastrophe. Corbyn’s ‘Jobs First Brexit’ and his plans to stay in 'a customs union' with the ability to write new trade deals seems just unrealistic and lacking in detail as Boris Johnson’s promises of sunlit uplands and unfeasible prosperity for all.


The only one of the three major English parties with a praiseworthy and coherent strategy on Brexit are the LibDems . However, we can’t escape the reality that people just aren’t going to vote for them in any meaningful number. The party is still to recover from their days in the Coalition Government and the Student Loan debacle – if it was going to be able to shape the Brexit vote in any meaningful way, it would have made more impact at the General Election. That didn’t happen so it is clear that a new approach is required.


‘Remainers’ have been holding out for someone to ride along like and harness the huge anti-Brexit sentiment in this country. But this just hasn’t happened either. Left with no choice, the Viva Europa party has been created out of this frustration – the uncomfortable truth is that the best way to avert the Brexit disaster is to force the main parties to change tack. This means hitting them where it hurts; at the ballot box.

Previous elections make it clear that people are more likely to vote for a protest party in elections outside a General Election. And that’s exactly what we are, a protest party with a clear message.


Viva Europa was set up by two ordinary people with normal full-time jobs. It is not being financially-backed by anyone (although we hope to crowd-fund at some stage). It actually doesn’t cost much to set up a political party, create a website and mobilise Twitter and Facebook. But to succeed, we do need the support and energy of like-minded people who are determined to make a difference.


We are looking for people to stand as local councillors in the May 2018 local elections on an anti-Brexit candidate.

Viva Europa is a new political party created in 2018 with the express aim of stopping Brexit via democratic means.


We are looking for people to stand as local councillors in the May 2018 local elections as an anti-Brexit candidate.


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